IAEC Congress to open April 25

World’s education experts to gather in Changwon

  The 12th International Congress of Educating Cities of the International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) will be held at the Changwon Exhibition Convention Center (CECO) and other venues in Changwon from April 25 to 29. Officials from 55 cities around the world will gather at the meeting to share educational experiences.

  Changwon is a global city joining 15 international organizations, the largest among Korea’s local governments, and will become Korea’s first local administration to host a large-scale international meeting with the IAEC congress. This is attributable to the knowhow and potential of Changwon which has pursued global administrative policy.

  The theme of the IAEC gathering is “Green Environment, Creative Education.” Green environment is a must for the sustainable future of cities, and creative education is most important for the introduction of new ideas and policies which are necessary for this, city officials said.  
  The successful hosting of the Changwon IAEC congress is expected to contribute to strengthening competitiveness of the software of the global education city, and help it and Korea take another leap toward becoming an education and environment powerhouse, the officials said.

  An estimated 2,000 people from 750 cities in 55 countries, including 446 member cities of 34 nations and 250 non-member cities in the Asia-Pacific region, will participate in the Congress. Among them are mayors, education experts and officials of international organizations, including UNESCO.

  An international fair of educating cities will take place at the CECO’s second exhibition room from April 26 to 28. Environment-friendly and global educating cities will take part in the fair featuring a variety of events, in addition to a traditional Korean education experience booth.
  From April 27 to April 29, the fourth green expo will be held at the Changwon Sports Park and the Meeting Plaza. The program includes an environmental film festival and various exhibitions.

The 2012 Changwon Lifetime Learning & Science Festival will take place at the CECO outdoor exhibition center and the Changwon Science Experience Hall.  
  During the Congress, three Plenary sessions are planned to deepen the congress theme of Green Environment, Creative Education and a total of 108 experiences from the educating cities will be presented for the Workshop session. Mayors’ Roundtable meeting is also scheduled which will be moderated by Councilor Cathy Oke, Executive member of ICLEI & Councilor of Melbourne city council.

  About 4-5 mayors of member cities are expected to be on the stage and this will be an opportunity for participants to hear from mayors directly on general urban issues.  

  In addition, the participants can see how all these policies are executed on site through the Study Visits which includes the course of the House of Changwon, Changwon Cycle Racing Center, Changwon Environment Office, Changwon Science High School and Namyang Elementary School.
  Three keynote speakers for the Plenary sessions are Former Education Minister, Mr. Kim Shin-il under the theme of Toward Harmony Between Humanity and Nature, Mr. Ramon Folch(President of ERF Consulting, Barcelonal Spain) under the theme of Social Justice, Education, and Green Cities, Mr. Dushko Bogunovich(Associate professor of Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand) under the theme of Climate Change and Educating Cities.  

  The city formed an organizing committee consisting of the heads of 142 related institutions and working-level officials in April last year.

A ceremony to launch a volunteers’ group for the 12th International Congress of Educating Cities of the International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) gets underway in Changwon.



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