2012 Changwon IAEC Int’l Congress opens

For five days from April 25, 2012, the city will host the “2012 Changwon IAEC” (International Association of Educating Cities) International Congress with the attendance of about 2,000 municipal officials and education experts from 447 cities in 32 countries.

Changwon has chosen the upcoming congress’s theme, “Green Environment, Creative Education,” to stress the need for understanding that cities are venues of education and that the creation of creative urban space is to provide sound educational venues for citizens.

At the main session of the congress to be held under the main title of “Green Environment, Creative Education,” three sub-sessions will proceed with their respective subthemes of 1) harmony between humans and nature, 2) social justice, education and green cities, and 3) climate change and education cities, in which global educational gurus will hold heated debates. As related events, the city will also hold the International Educating Cities Expo, Science Festival for Lifetime Learning and Green Expo for Environmental Capital, fully playing its role as the IAEC’s world executive city and its Asia-Pacific chair city and transforming itself into a global education city.

12th International Congress of Educating Cities of Changwon Homepage

Changwon, the first Asian city to host the IAEA world congress, plans to fill it with abundant information and programs that contain values best representing Asia and Korea to help participants share various knowledge and policies. The city is going all out to provide an occasion for Europe and Asia to achieve joint progress by turning the congress into a venue for exchanging new information on education.

move to  http://www.iaec2012.go.kr/eng


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