‘Jinhae Gunhangje’ to become global festival

The Jinhae “Gunhangje” (Naval Port Festival), Korea’s most famous cherry blossom festival that boasts a half-century history this year, seeks to jump into becoming a world-class festival. Changwon said it would hold the 50th Jinhae Gunhangje in Jinhae District for 10 days from April 1 under the theme, “flower-environment-global.”

Jinhae Gunhangje is expected to emerge as a global festival on the occasion of its 50th anniversary this year.

Under the slogan of “Gunhangje _ Past and Future 50 Years,” this year’s festival will start with various events on its eve and proceed toward commemorative, memorial, thematic, special and connected events. The city will activate a task force for the successful hosting of the festival next month and start preparations in earnest.

Considering 2012 is the “Visit Korea Year,” the city is preparing a hallyu star concert by inviting K-pop idol groups to celebrate the event. It will also hold “2012 Jinhae Multimedia Fireworks on the Sea” as a feature and present the “Yeojwacheon Light Festival” in the famous cherry blossom village as a special event.

Timed with Gunhangje, the city will also hold the “International Military Band and Honor Guard Festival” under the theme “Echo of Naval Port, Melody of the Future.” About 660 players in 12 bands, including the armies, navies, air forces and marines of various countries and the U.S. Eighty Army, will take part in the festival.

The International Military Band and Honor Guard Festival is a side attraction no less popular than the main Naval Port Festival.

Ahead of the festival, the city is preparing the “Gunhangje” (Familiarization) Tour from March 13 to 17 by inviting 35 tourism agencies from China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.

“The city will stage major campaigns to attract tourists for this year’s naval port festival,” said an official. “We are determined to promote Gunhangje to become a global festival on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.”


6 thoughts on “‘Jinhae Gunhangje’ to become global festival

  1. If I plan to Jinhae on 30 March 2012, I’d like to know the cherry blossom will bloom fully or not (how many percent?) If it was you, will you are considering to travel there or not?

    1. Thank you for commenting our blog!!
      First of all, we are sorry for the late reply.
      According to the announcement of the National Weather Authority, cherry blossom in Jinhae will start bloom from the end of March and will be fully bloomed on about 5th of April. We presume, the flower will bloom 30 to 40 % on March 30. If your purpose to visit here is just to enjoy the cherry blossom, I would recommend you to delay your plan a couple of days.

  2. Hello! We are planning to go there on Apr 9 or 10, 2012. We would like to know when is The International Military Band and Honor Guard Festival so we can coincide our visit there since we will only be there for a day. Thanks

    1. The International Military Band and Honor Guard Festival will be held Apr 6 ~ 10, 2012.
      For your reference, we would like to tell you schedule of the festival for 2days.
      Apr 9 : 14:00pm ~ 15:30pm
      Apr 10 : 19:00pm ~ 21:30pm
      Thank you for commenting our blog! Have a nice day 🙂

  3. Hi, I am interested in going for the Hallyu Star Concert while admiring the nice scenery. Can I check how do I obtain tickets for the concert? Thank you 😀

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