Citizens’ opinions to be reflected in policies

Mayor Park Wan-su pledges to listen  regidents

Changwon City invited 10 experts and citizens’ representatives to discussions on “what citizens want the city administration to do in the New Year?”  

About 100 people, including Mayor Park Wan-su, city officials, experts and citizens attended the discussions held at the Citizens’ Hall on Jan. 3.

During the meeting, participants called for the establishment of a one-stop service system in the private and public sectors and more manpower to work at welfare facilities for children. They also make a planning of environmental protection and presented details on how to make Changwon a “city of hydrologic cycle.”   

Experts and people’s representatives attend a meeting to discuss what local residents want the city administration to do in the New Year. The gathering was held at the Citizens’ Hall Jan. 3.

In addition, they discussed Changwon’s role for the prevention of possible disasters, and proposed that what they called a “nationalist movement” be applied to the management of cultural assets. They asked for citizens’ voluntary management of cultural relics, noting that Changwon has a large number of properties that deserve due protection.

As for the Business Center for one-man start-ups, conferees called for the diversification of criteria for selection of successful applicants and asked for support of the program in consideration of characteristics of one-man start-ups. They expressed hope that creation of jobs will lay the foundation for development of Changwon.

Young participants called for the activation of a participatory committee of Changwon’s Youth Council; improvement of the payment scheme for the Nubija public bike system for young people; the introduction of a “welfare mileage system”as social service activities for senior citizens who live alone; and free school care for adolescents.     

In his speech, Mayor Park said the city administration will reflect opinions presented during the meeting in policies for the New Year. “The year of 2011 laid the foundation for a merger (of Changwon, Jinhae and Masan). This year, we will endeavor to make Changwon a first-class city, and listen to citizens to reflect their voices in policies of the city.”


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