Daewon Kangup leader of Korea’s spring industry

Daewon Kangup Co., which greets its 66th founding anniversary in 2012, has  focused on only one sector of making springs and is now called the “godfather” of Korea’s spring industry.

As a company which specializes in car parts and components instead of consumer goods, the company has grown steadily while making great contributions to the nation’s auto industry.

A small but strong company, Daewon Kangup is also famous among global auto industry, which counts the Korean firm as one of the top five all-around makers of spring products.

◆ Leap-off to a global company

 Daewon Kangup has actively advanced abroad by accompanying Hyundai-Kia Motors’ construction of global manufacturing bases.

 Daewon Kangup, which began to build overseas manufacturing system by setting up Beijing Daewon Asia Automobile Science and Technology Co. in 2005, set up Daewon America Inc. in Alabama to make springs in 2006, Daewon Steverstal-Auto Elabuga LLC in Russia to produce seats in 2008, and D&D Springs Poland, Ltd. in 2009.

This is an aerial view of Daewon Kangup Co., the world’s top-class maker of car springs and seats, in Changwon Industrial Complex.

The company’s establishment of overseas manufacturing system dovetailed with the global auto makers’ strategies, and led to the successful receipt of global project orders from GM. It was followed by a series of order receipts from such other international carmakers as Chrysler, Renault and Volkswagen.

 Daewon Kangup received high praise that it has contributed to GM’s securing of global competitiveness by making stable supplies of competitive coil springs and stabilizer bars from the Korean company’s overseas offshoots to America and Europe.

 ◆ Achieving global competitiveness through integrated production system

Daewon Kangup’s integrated production system of spring is the company’s biggest advantage and the source of its competitiveness.

These are stabilizer bars, an important component to maintain the balance of motor vehicles.

The company is armed with its own know-how and system throughout the whole process of materials development, product design, manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and technology support, and it is the only such company in the world that has such an integrated production system. In addition, Daewon Kangup has attained independent designing capacity at its technology research center, taking the lead in up-to-date spring manufacturing that is developing day by day.

 In the case of coil spring for cars that has sharply improved riding comfort and lightened weight, the company recently developed a side road coil spring that changed general coil spring into a three-dimensional shape, and applying it to production lines. Daewon Kangup has built a hot-rolled manufacturing equipment of side road coil spring and succeeded in mass production for the first time in the world. This is also the only manufacturing system that won patents in both Korea and abroad.

Springs work to maintain fixed position of valves in car engines.

 The attainment of global competitiveness is the result of persistent efforts to “become the world’s best specialized company in the areas of car springs and seats,” as Chairman Hur Chai-chul stressed in his corporate vision. Chairman Hur said, “We will actively make various activities that contribute to the development of regional society congruous with our status as a global corporation, as well as continue to develop and manufacture the highest-quality products in the world.”

Springs for passenger cars absorb and dissipate the shock from road face while driving.

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