EM Korea ― frontrunner in global green growth

EM Korea Co., since it started as Dongwoo Precision Machinery by CEO Kang Sam-soo in March 1987, has been accumulating technology in the area of processing and assembling precision machinery for more than 20 years. On the basis of its excellent technological knowhow, the company signed an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) contract for supplying finished CNC lathes to Hyundai Wia in 2002. Ad of now, EM Korea has developed into an ODM (original development and design manufacturing) maker, which can conduct the entire processes ranging from designing of key parts to their direct processing, assembly and test, boasting a near miraculous growth in less than a decade.

▲ This is a bird’s eye view of EM Korea , the nation’s frontrunner of machine tools, defense and environmental equipment, in the Changwon Industrial Complex, South Gyeongsang Province.

◆ Promotion of portfolio of diverse businesses

EM Korea’s machine tool manufacturing as its mainstay began with the processing of machine tool parts and has since been upgraded to full-fledged manufacturing, in which the company can design, process, assemble and test not just parts but also finished products for supply to Hyundai Wia on an OEM formula.

The company has secured capacity to make more than 3,000 units of horizontal and vertical CNC lathes by putting new models to the market, emerging as the nation’s largest machine tool maker. It has dominated the domestic market, and is making 30-35 percent of its annual sales from exports to about 30 countries.

EM Korea, which has won recognition for its credibility and technology in making parts of defense equipment on the basis of its precession processing technology, is developing and supplying defense industry parts that are applied to various military equipment.

In addition, the company, registered as a qualified maintenance firm by major power plants, has successfully localized the manufacture of various power generation equipment, including high- and low-pressure valve assembly, front standard assembly and rotor assembly, is supplying them to the power stations.

Particularly, EM Korea has completed the development of a “hydrogen gas generator” independently after investing several billions of won annually into research and development since 2000, and applied it to the “12Nm3-class alkaline-type hydrogen generator,” a key equipment for hydrogen station established at the Renewable Energy Theme Park in Saemangeum, North Jeolla Province. The company also has completed the installation of its own hydrogen gas generator at Hyundai Motor’s Co.’s Jeju Hydrogen Station, providing an occasion to upgrade the domestic renewable energy technology to a notch higher as the frontrunner in this state-of-the-art energy industry sector.

EM Korea has also been developing a “hydrogen hybrid system for the home” since it was selected by the Knowledge Economy Ministry as the developer of the 3.1 billion-won state project in 2008. Now in its finishing stage, the project will likely be used for future green home project, such as  a green village and a green city.

▲ Diverse types of machine tool products, including vertical and horizontal lathes, await shipments at EM Korea’s warehouse.

◆ Marine environment business

As part of its environment-related business, EM Korea has developed “ballast water processing equipment” jointly with Hyundai Heavy Industries since December 2008, and successfully completed the certification process by the International Maritime Organization this past July.

Through the IMO certification, the company plans to enter into the new market of ballast water processing equipment worth dozens of trillions of won from 2012, which it expects to be the year for another take-off.

◆ Future vision

To diversify its business domains, EM Korea is formulating a long-term 3-3-4 business plan.

By maintaining the business portfolio of machine tool (3), defense and power equipment (3) and renewable energy-environment (4), it plans to focus on new growth engine industries on the basis of stable management little affected by external shock and continue to make new corporate leap-off, presenting its future vision as a company that has the world’s top-class engineering and energy technology.


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