Why you should get to know Changwon by tour bus (2)

  The beautiful city of Changwon, known to be the first of Korea’s planned cities, is where a rich history, dazzling landscape and a modern industrial economy meet.

  This is why any visitor to Changwon should definitely take advantage of the “Changwon City Tour Bus,” which began to operate in July. Its tours comprise of visits to all the major attractions the city has to offer, allowing visitor to experience the masterpiece of the city that is Changwon.

  One can tour the three major areas ― Changwon, Masan and Jinhae ― depending on personal interests and the “theme” each city has to offer. The service is available at a well-worth, inexpensive price and operates from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

◆   Major attractions

# The Junam Wetlands

  The Junam Wetlands is a natural park where many bird sanctuaries are located and where an influx of migratory birds of 20 different species flocks to around November each year. It consists of Junam, Sangnam, and Dongpan water reservoirs, which are connected by waterways in the shape of a flying bird when seen from an aerial view. It is also the perfect stopover for birds migrating in the summer, which is the time the reservoir is filled with beautiful water lilies. The city of Changwon also established the Ramsar Exhibition Center to introduce its history and raise awareness of the preservation of the wetlands.

  The Junam Wetlands is a splendor of elegant lotus flowers in summer. When walking through broad leaves and flowers in full bloom, visitors feel as if they are characters in fairy tales. In the on-hands experience of butterfly ecology, visitors will be able to imagine “the Dream of Dragon Butterfly” in Zhuangzi (莊子), where he flies amusingly during the dream but finds himself when awakened. At the ecological learning center, bicycles are lent for free. As a result, visitors will be able to ride their bicycles along the wetlands although they won’t be able to fly like a bird.

▲ A flock of migratory birds flying over Junam Wetlands

# The Inland Waters Ecology Park

  Inland waters are rivers, lakes and canals as well as the sea. The Inland Waters Ecology Park was a fish farm of Jinhae in 1929. But it has been renamed many times although there has been no discontinuation in fish farming research. It started devoting itself as a habitat for various animals and plants in 2008. This is an ideal place for photographers, who are often overwhelmed by the surrounding old trees and fauna. There are photo zones near lakes where pictures can be taken and many couples come here to take their wedding photos. This park is an ideal place to take leisurely walks and there is also a deck built for citizens, where strollers can view carp underneath the road that are being raised by researchers.

▲ Inland Water Fish Research Institute

# The Timber Culture Experience Center

  The Timber Culture Experience Center is located inside of Jinhae Dream Park, which opened its doors in March 2009. It is a giant leisure forest where one can view the forest and the sea in one location. The center is composed of four sections _ Jinhae peninsula, the forest, Gwangdeokgol Resting Place and Youth Training Center. One can learn about and experience how trees grow and age over time.

▲ Wood culture experience hall at the Dream Park

# Marine Drama Set

  The Marine Drama Set, on the mountain in Seokgong-ni, Gusan-myeon, Masanhappo-gu, is comprised of seven buildings and three ships on display. This is also where hit-TV dramas have been shot, such as MBC’s Kim Soo- ro and OCN TV’s Yacha. Other shows include The King of Legend (KBS), The Duo (MBC), and Warrior Baek Dong Soo (SBS). Major development plans are taking place, including the addition of Sea &Wood Fragrance Land. So, come and be part of this amazing adventure and take in all the breathtaking sights Changwon has to offer!

▲ Marine Drama Set

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