Why you should get to know Changwon by tour bus (1)

  The beautiful city of Changwon, known to be the first of Korea’s planned cities, is where a rich history, dazzling landscape and a modern industrial economy meet.

  This is why any visitor to Changwon should definitely take advantage of the “Changwon City Tour Bus,” which began to operate in July. Its tours comprise of visits to all the major attractions the city has to offer, allowing visitor to experience the masterpiece of the city that is Changwon.

  One can tour the three major areas ― Changwon, Masan and Jinhae ― depending on personal interests and the “theme” each city has to offer. The service is available at a well-worth, inexpensive price and operates from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

▲ View of Yongji Lake with fountain jetting water into the sky

◆ Running hours and routes

  Excluding New Year’s Day and the Full Moon Festival, the tours are offered daily. There are seven different themes and the buses run on the route on each theme every day. There are two conveniently-located terminals: the Changwon Central Station, for those living outside the city, and the Changwon Mannam (Meeting) Plaza, for the locals. Two buses alternately run from 10 a.m. through 6 p.m.

▲ Sculptures in front of Moonshin Museum

  Ticket prices are 10,000 for adults, 8,000 won for soldiers and students, and 5,000 won for people with disabilities. For general courses, reservations have to be made three days in advance. For the “naval base culture and industrial complex,” reservations must be made five days in advance via the Internet or phone.

  Each day of the week is themed: Monday, nature; Tuesday, brand names; Wednesday; naval base culture and industrial complex, Thursday; live performance and industrial complex; Friday, history; Saturday, hands-on experience; and Sunday, family tour.

▲ Changwon Science Experience Hall

◆ Merit of the city tour

  Changwon city tour’s main feature is that it offers visits to mega-industries’ manufacturing plants, the naval academy, naval headquarters, and the Junam Wetlands that other cities cannot offer. A tour guide will also accompany visitors throughout the course, explaining the details of each location. The tour fares are as follows: The average price for adults is 10,000 won for an 8-hour tour, cheaper than in Busan (10,000 won for approximately 2 hours) and Geoje (20,000 won for 6 hours).

  For more a vivid on-site experience, tourists will be able to experience tea-making and drinking at Changwon House, take photos at the hanbok photo zone and experience timber-related work at Jinhae Dream Park on Monday. Resting hours and resting places are subject to change depending on the demand of tourists. In particular, during the period of the Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival and the Cherryblossom Festival, additional buses will be deployed with a flexible course.

▲ Traditionally tiled House of Changwon

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    1. Thank you for commenting our blog!!
      First of all, we are sorry for the late reply.
      You can make a reservation through phone or internet. You can also buy the ticket on the spot. We regret to say that we haven’t opened an English homepage yet though.

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