Autumn brings rare white cherry blossoms

  Changwon is known to host the nation’s best Cherry Blossom Festivals. As fall rolls around the corner, brilliant white cherry blossoms, usually seen pink in color in the spring, can be found looking as beautiful as ever.

  These flowers are a rare variety, belonging to Higan cherry trees. As the blossoms’ sugar white flower buds bashfully begin to bloom one by one, the abundance of autumn allows them to unfold themselves and bloom high into the sky.

▲ A rare variety of cherry blossoms belonging to the Higan tree blooms elegantly white in the autumn, attracting tourists and citizens at major parks, a little different from the trees which bloom pink flowers in the spring.

  Breathtaking cherry trees blanket the streets in white or pink, depending on the season, throughout the year. For spring, citizens see incessantly blooming blossoms that radiate a beautiful pink color, but it is in the season of autumn that the flowers bloom elegantly white until the process repeats itself. This assorted range of cherry blossoms is a rarity and there are now currently two varieties at the Agricultural Technology Center comprised of 8,000 trees.

  Other tourist attractions are now home to these flowers. Home gardening exhibition rooms, outdoor theme parks, and botanical gardens all display the blossoms of this Higan tree, which makes it the ideal “cherry” on top of the cake full of great memories to be made.

  Changwon definitely delivers its reputation for being a green and global city. By integrating its beautiful natural environment and theme parks, such as World Cherry Land, Changwon continues to be renowned for being one of Korea’s leading tourist hot spots.


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