Grand Multi-Circular Chrysanthemum Work breaks world record again

Daryun Daejak (the Grand Multi-Circular Work) has broken the world’s record it set last year again at the 11th annual Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival, which was held at Pier No. 1 in the Port of Masan, Oct. 28-Nov. 6.

▲ Daryun Daejak (the Grand Multi-Circular Work)

The work held a total of 1,399 flowers on stem, 29 flowers more than last year. The multi-circular method is the most difficult among those of growing chrysanthemum.

The masterpiece required a total of 16 months for cultivation since the artist planted one chrysanthemum stem on July 1 last year. The artist changed pots six times to make roots grow smoothly and to give enough nutrition depending on growth, and to cut sprouts 12 times to increase the number of flowers.

The chrysanthemum had been lit every night since July 30 last year until Aug. 1 to reflect its biological features in that it blooms when the night becomes shorter. The engineers of the Changwon Agricultural Technology Center have taken care of the chrysanthemum with lighting at night so that it could not bloom before the festival.

The number 1399 signifies the one (1) unified Changwon from the former three (3) cities,  integrated into one greater Changwon,  and eternity (99), according to the artist. Besides this, there were an estimated world class 7,500 works on display at the festival.

They included the Oriental Phoenix Gate made with two phoenixes standing face-to-face, 30 meters long as the largest-ever model of a phoenix in Korea. The chrysanthemum village enables visitors to indulge in the fall atmosphere in the countryside. The Baseball Zone was a new work to congratulate the 9th professional baseball club, to be created as a regional one based in Changwon next year.

The super work of the chrysanthemum, Bohap Daehwa(保合大和), means greater integrity(daehwa:大和) with one mind (bohap:保合), and has 7,200 flowers.


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