Technical Innovation: Hyundai Wia

Rising from Korea’s best to world’s best

  Hyundai Wia started as Kia Machinery Industry in 1976 and was incorporated into the Hyundai Automotive Group in 1999. The company is now focusing on the manufacturing of auto parts and components, including modules, transmission gear boxes and constant velocity joints (CVJs). It also is turning out various other state-of-the-art products, ranging from machine equipment, such as machine tools, robots and presses, to aircraft parts under its quality-first policy.

  Since its incorporation into Hyundai Automotive group, Hyundai Wia has emerged as the group’s core affiliate producing part products. In addition, the company topped the list of Changwon-based companies in turnover (as of the second quarter of 2011), surfacing as the company that represents this city, which in turn represents the nation’s machinery industry.

▲ This is an aerial view of Hyundai Wia, the nation’s largest maker of machine parts and components.

◆ A company that specializes in core auto parts and components (ranked as the world’s 45th auto parts maker as of 2010)

  As the only such company in Korea, Hyundai Wia is making automobile engines (Alpha, Gamma, Kappa and Nu) and supplying them to Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors. Currently, “auto modules,” widely called the future-generation auto parts supply system, accounts for the largest share of the company’s sales, and the company is producing 1.7 million chassis- tire-axle modules for supply to the domestic assembly lines of Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors. Thanks to its reputation as the undisputed No. 1 maker of constant velocity joints, the company has recently received large-scale orders for the CVJ from GM, Renault and Volkswagen, which pushed up the accumulated production to hit the 20 million mark last December for the first time in Korea.

▲ Automobile engine made by Hyundai Wia

◆ Taking up biggest share in domestic machine tool market for nine years in a row

  Hyundai Wia, which has topped the domestic market share list in the area of machine tools, the so-called machine that makes machine, is producing machine tools of diverse specifications, including CNC lathes, vertical/horizontal machining centers and boring machines, supply products with high productivity and the efficient operation for a wide variety of manufacturing businesses at home and abroad.

  Hyundai Wia, which boasts the capacity to produce 1,800 machine tools a year, is currently operating two manufacturing plants each in Changwon and in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China, to target the emerging Chinese market.

◆ Jump to world-renowned press maker

  In the area of presses, Hyundai Wia is now forming a big-three system along with German and Japanese competitors. The Korean company has been selected as the exclusive supplier to global automaker GM to supply parts to core assembly lines for GM’s global outposts in Mexico, India and Poland, and have continued to receive additional orders as the U.S. automaker expands its global manufacturing network.

  As the first Korean makers of hot forming presses and progressive presses, Hyundai Wia has been supplying state-of-the-art press products to various industrial sectors, such as automobiles and shipbuilding, boasting 60 client firms in 25 countries.

◆ Enhanced status as hyper-class, state-of-the-art plant maker

  Hyundai Wia stands a giant among competitors in the plant area, too, such as steelmaking facilities, including casting, molding and rolling, and transporting and loading facilities. Last August, it attracted global attention by providing two tandem-type goliath cranes, the largest ever in the world, to Brazil’s Estaleiro Atlantico Sul, at a cost of 10 billion won for transportation alone.

  Hyundai Wia’s plants, including mammoth cranes, are dominating rival makers in production capacity. Its tandem-type cranes enjoy high popularity in the industry by grafting up-to-the-second technology, such as wireless communication systems.

▲ Machine tools await their finishing touches before shipment at Hyundai Wia’s Changwon plant.

◆ Advance guard in keeping global peace

  Hyundai Wia is solidifying its status in the defense industries, too, on the basis of its excellent technology. The company has been exclusively producing various artillery weapons for the Army, such as mortars, tank guns and field guns, and is demonstrating its technology through K9 self-propelled guns and K2 tank guns, which have achieved distinction recently.

  Also, Hyundai Wia is the only Korean company that produces 57-mm and 76-mm naval guns loaded on patrollers and destroyers, contributing to self-reliant national defense especially through localizing state-of-the-art weapons.

  In addition, Hyundai Wia is producing landing gear for T-50 trainer planes, F-4 jet fighters and LYNX helicopters as well as cockpits for KHP helicopters, expanding its contribution to all areas of defense ― land, sea and air.


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