Taking a walk along cosmos flower roads

▲ Women walk along a road lined with cosmos flowers at the Dongpan Reservoir while citizens take pictures of the flower beds cultivated in an idle lot near Changwon Park. Changwon has created cosmos roads in downtown area so that residents can enjoy looking at the flowers in the autumn.

  A lot of colorful cosmoses in full bloom have been attracting weekenders along a total of 6.8 kilometers of roads in Uichang-gu, Changwon.

  The roads are the 4km bank along Dongpan Reservoir in Dong-eup and a total of 2.8kms in four sections on the Junam-no near Junam Wetland Park in Daesan-myeon.

  Officials of public organizations and each administrative office weeded, transplanted cosmos seedlings and watered them along the roads. The wave of colorful cosmos flowers has given visitors a gift, scent of fall.

  Especially, the cosmoses in full bloom along the 1.4 km section of Junam Reservior No. 3 makes harmony with landscape surrounding the nearby stone bridge, cultural asset of South Gyeongsang Province No. 225. As a result, it comes into the spotlight as one of the most attractive roads to walk for couples as well as its citizens.

  Also, an estimated 5,000 square meters of vacant lot next to the Changwon Park has been transformed into a hill of cosmos flowers.

  Citizens on outing with their family members have been very much touched by the beauty of colorful cosmoses blazing in the breeze.

  “I feel refreshed when I walk along the brilliant cosmos roads,” said one resident. “It is memorable to take pictures with my family on such beautiful roads when visiting my hometown,” said Oh Soo-wim, who now resides in Seoul.

  “It is definitely certain that visitors can feel the mood of the fall with their families,” said one city official. “We will do our best to manage the beautiful roads and push forward plans to make the surroundings more pleasant and clean.”


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