Changwon, KT seek to export ‘Nubija’ public bike system

Pact on mutual cooperation signed 

▲ Officials from Changwon City and KT, Korea's largest communications service provider, look at a bicycle installed with the new "Nubija" public bike system combined with up-to-date IT technoligy in this file photo.

  Changwon City and KT, Korea’s largest communications service provider, have signed a pact to jointly develop a new “Nubija” public bike system combined with up-to-date IT services.

  Under the “Pact on Cooperation on Public Bike Project,” the city and KT plan to export Nubija bicycles and transfer technology to cities at home and abroad.   

  The signing comes amid growing calls for technology transfer of the eco-friendly transport system from major cities around the world.

  Changwon has developed the public bike system based on know-how it accumulated since the introduction of the scheme in October 2008. As a result, the city has developed and operated a system on its own. KT, which has been interested in excellence and competitiveness of the Nubija system, made a proposal on the signing of a pact with Changwon. The pact aims to carry out the project in a more systematic manner.

  The signing was done between Kim Jong-bu, second vice mayor of Changwon, and Park Young-shik, chief of KT’s SMB Headquarters, on Sept. 27.

  Participants of the signing ceremony later visited a Nubija terminal and its central office to view the Nubija system now integrated with IT. Changwon and KT agreed to join hands to further improve Nubija services by connecting the public bike system with KT’s advanced telecommunication-network technology. 

  The city, in cooperation with KT, plans to scrutinize the Nubija system and make products, which are classified into “for distribution,” “general-type” and “deluxe.” It will finally choose cities to which it will export the Nubija system, based on a review of legal matters, cooperation with the central government and the results of overseas marketing.

  “Under the pact, we will make the Nubija system with international competitiveness by combining the scheme with KT’s advanced telecommunication-network technology and then distribute and export it to cities at home and abroad,” Vice Mayor Kim said. “We will do our best to see that Nubija, as a public bike system representing Korea as well as Changwon, run in every part of the world.”


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