‘Come to Int’l Kid’s Literature Festival’

  The Changwon International Kid’s Literature Festival 2011 will be held in and around  the city, including at the Changwon Exhibition Convention Center (CECO), for four days from Oct. 27, under the theme of “Korea’s kid’s literature seeking ways of globalization.”

  This will be the nation’s first composite festival for children’s literature, which is expected to revive innocent mindsets not just among children but also grown-ups in an increasingly dreary world through literature, and provide dreams for the future through creative imagination.

○ Opening ceremony, keynote lecture: It will be held at CECO’s Second Exhibition Hall at 11 a.m. on Oct. 27. Staring with the flying of paper airplanes laden with children’s messages, renowned kid’s literati, including Choi Yang-sook and Francisca Biermann, author of “The Book-Eating Fox,” will deliver keynote lectures.

○ Meeting with invited authors: Two famous authors will hold special lectures and book-signing events. One is Choi, who emigrated to America and won fame with her kid literary works based on Korea’s traditional culture. The other is Biermann, whose books are enjoying high popularity in Korea.

○ International kid’s literature symposium: About 300 authors and critiques will attend the symposium at Changwon University at 1 p.m. on Oct. 28, seeking ways of globalizing Korean children’s literature and discussing its reality and limitations in this part of the world.

○ National Kid’s Literati’s Convention: Starting with the seminar entitled “On the influence electronic books have on kid literature” on Oct. 29, it will discuss ways for Korean kid literature to move toward the global stage, and produce stories of Changwon through making cultural visits to various places in this city.

  Those interested in these events can find detailed information by visiting its website (www.cikf.org).


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