The 11th Gagopa festival with the blue sea and colorful chrysanthemums

  The 11th Gagopa Festival will be held from Oct. 27 to Nov. 6 at the first dock of Masan Harbor. Starting from celebrating the eve of the festival, it will present various chrysanthemums around the blue sea.

▲ A number of citizens enjoy watching the chrysanthemum festival at the pier of Masan Bay.

  Changwon held the festival for the first time in the country to develop an industry for chrysanthemums in Masanhappo-gu where the flower was first planted for commercial purpose. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has selected the festival as one of the most prosperous ones.

  The festival will display around 7,500 high-quality works of the flower with the theme of “Flower, Luminary and Sea,” and slogan “Full of Happiness and Five-colored Chrysanthemums and Full of Hope and Bright Changwon.”

  It consists of eight categories of events, including the eve of the festival, the opening ceremony, and special and cultural events among others that visitors can participate in.

  Especially, this year, the city is dividing the event hall into six sections _ World, Korea, Changwon, Myeongjak (Masterpiece), Daryun (multi-circle) and Special zones.

  Moreover, a chrysanthemum village is installed at the center, showing the connections between the flower and agricultural life, aiming to present a bunch of traditional cultural events. There is another program to give visitors a great opportunity to propose to their lovers with chrysanthemums, which mean “I love you.”

▲ A couple of dragons decorated with colorful chrysanthemum blossoms during the 11th Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival last year. The festiva will be held from Oct. 28 to Nov. 6.

  On top of those events, the entrance has Phoenix, a landmark piece to show the art of planting chrysanthemums to carry the symbolic meaning of the festival. To provide more attractions, the city specially established the Baseball Zone, celebrating the foundation the 9th baseball team headquartered in Changwon as well as the Daryun masterpiece listed in the Guinness World Records for its 1,315 pieces from just one stem.

▲ A variety of collection of colorful chrysanthemum, including a large ball-shaped one.

  It also plans to build a center for the industry of chrysanthemums and a flower garden, which will provide various attractions such as chrysanthemums, bonsai, wild flowers, floral arts, chrysanthemums and herbs’ hill, and a treatment center for flowers.

  Visitors can also see other events, including the Gukhyang(chrysanthemum fragrance) concert and other cultural events.

▲ A night view of the venue of the Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival last year.

2 thoughts on “The 11th Gagopa festival with the blue sea and colorful chrysanthemums

  1. How about this year? The festival will be held on same date or period? Would like to know for exactly date coz will plan trip there. Many thanks~!!

    1. Thank you for commenting our blog!!
      First of all, we are sorry for the late reply.
      Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival is usually held between the end of Oct. and the beginning of Nov. every year for 10days. However we haven’t set the exact date for the festival. For your reference, we would like to tell you the period of the festival for the last 3 years. Oct. 28 ~ Nov. 6, 2011 / Oct. 29 ~ Nov. 7, 2010 / Oct. 23 ~ Nov. 1, 2009. We will keep updating the festival through the homepage. Hope you can come and enjoy the festival and the city.

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