Changwon to host IAEC Congress

Asia-Pacific network meeting, UNESCO symposium due in Nov.

  Changwon will host the 12th International Congress of Educating Cities next April. The congress is the biennial general meeting of the International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC), which has 443 cities in 32 countries as its members and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

▲ IAEC poster

  The Changwon congress, which will be held at Changwon Exhibition Convention Center (CECO) from April 25 to 29 under the theme of “Green Environment, Creative Education,” will provide an approach for creative education to realize green, environmental and sustainable cities.

  At the same time, diverse side events, such as the Regional Network Conference, IAEC Expo, Changwon Lifetime Learning and Science Festival and Green Expo, will characterize the city as an environmental capital.  

  The IAEC Expo will provide participants with opportunities to experience diverse training programs and a global educational environment through display booths set up by member cities, universities and businesses. The organizers will give them time to play PR video games, and operate matching programs for businesses and cities to exchange among themselves.

  For the success of the international congress, the city will also hold the 3rd Asia-Pacific Network Regional Conference on Nov. 14 and 15, in which participants will discuss cities’ roles in educational development and hold a symposium on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).


▲ Changwon Mayor Park Wan-su, center, poses with Chun Taeck-soo, second from right, secretary-general of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, after signing a memorandum of understanding(MOU) on mutual cooperation in education at his office Sept. 9. The MOU aims to help Changwon successfully host the 12th International Congress of the International Association of Educating Cities(IAEC) in 2012.

  About 50 regional urban and educational experts will take part in the symposium to be held under the joint sponsorship with UNESCO. Organizers hope many people interested in IAEC will attend the workshop. 

  At the third Asia-Pacific Network Conference in November, member cities are expected to introduce their activities and make case presentations, followed by IAEC-introduction sessions for non-member cities, which will help raise interest among cities at home and abroad. 

  During related events of the IAEC-UNESCO symposium, about 100 municipal officials from 50 cities in eight Asia-Pacific countries will attend the two-session workshop ― education for Sustainable Cities (Session I) and City, Education and Development (Session II). Also attending are about 50 experts on international education and sustainable development from Korea and abroad.  

  Meanwhile, Changwon held a ceremony to sign memorandum of understanding (MOU) with UNESCO’s Korean Commission on Sept. 9 to upgrade the status of the international congress and promote global cooperation in education. On the occasion of the MOU signing, UNESCO will positively cooperate with various educational projects promoted by Changwon. 

  Irina Bokova, secretary-general of UNESCO, will deliver a keynote lecture on what education should pursue in various areas, including education for sustainable development to which the international community has paid high interest, in the Plenary Session III of the 12th International Congress of Educating Cities. 

  “As the permanent executive city of the IAEC, Changwon is leading the network of Asia-Pacific educating cities,” a city official said. “We hope as many as global cities as possible will attend next year’s Changwon congress and make it a meaningful event, in which municipal administrators can share ideas with international scholars and experts to create healthy urban educational environment.” 


* Content of Changwon-UNESCO Contract

– Expansion of the network of international educating cities

– Spread of UNESCO ideas for world peace and development 

– Joint promotion of cooperation in detailed projects for urban and social   development

① The 12th International Congress of Educating Cities and related international forum (April 2012)

② The 3rd Asia-pacific Regional Network Conference and international   educational symposium (November 2011) 

③ International exchange and cooperation projects in education among   Asia-Pacific municipal governments (year-round project)


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