Art centers in the nature (1)

◆ Masan Art Center

  Masan Art Center, a new concept for a cultural space by remodeling a closed school, is an open space for cultural experiences in nature.

  Located at similar distance from Masan, Tongyeong and Jinju, the hot spring village is in front of famous Mt. Jeokseok and surrounded by clean, well preserved nature.

▲ Gallery of Masan Art Center

  The art center consists of a gallery, outdoor sculpture exhibition, creative studio, print making and pottery studios, art book cafes, seminar rooms and a guest house. Starting Sept. 24, 2004, with the Exhibition of Natural Phenomenon with sculpture works from 24 artists, the center has held exhibitions every month.

  The outdoor sculpture park has displayed big works made by 11 artists from home and abroad, including Italy’s Urano Palma, France’s Sacha Sosno and Korea’s Lee Gap-yeol, on the grass garden of 3,000 square meters. In addition, there is a 5,000-square-meter ecological space.

▲Sculpture at outdoor exhibition

  A printmaking studio has focused on the publication of collections of prints and the development of cultural goods, such as “The Collection of Jeon Hyuk-rim Prints” and “The Poem and Print Collection of poet Kim Chun-soo and printmaker Jeon Hyuk-rim.”

  The Creative Studio has provided a chance for artists to indulge in creative work and for visitors to communicate with the artists on the working process through residence programs and the regular opening of the studio.

  Its main projects are to find promising artists and help them to be creative, stage cultural events unique in the region and research and develop regional cultural content.

▲ Frontal view of Masan Art Center

  The art center is affiliated with the Institute of GyeongNam Culture and anyone can be a member of the center regardless of their region and social status if they love nature, culture and the arts.

  It is a place where people can relax with their family after the exhaustion of industrialized urban life. As a result, not only citizens in Changwon but also tourists from around the country are able to visit here all year round.

Address: 390 Yangchon-ri, Jinjeon-myeon, Masanhappo-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
TEL: +82-55-271-5150

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