Changwon to bid for 2014 Ecocity World Summit


▲ Jeong Su-hun, director general of the environment and parks bureau of Changwon, explains projects concerning "Changwon, the Environmental Capital" in his keynote speech at the 2011 Ecocity World Summit in Montreal, Aug. 26

  Changwon City introduced its environment policy and other urban development programs to some 1,500 local government officials, environment and urban experts and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from some 70 countries at the Ecocity World Summit, which was held in Montreal, Aug. 22-26.
  Jeong Su-hun, director general in charge of the city’s environment and parks affairs, also exchanged views on related policies with delegates from leading environmental cities from around the world.
  In particular, the chief delegate conveyed his city’s intention to host Ecocity World Summit in 2014 in separate meetings with Richard Register, founder and president of Ecocity Builders headquartered in Oakland, Calif., and Kirstin Miller, executive director of the body, on Aug. 25.
  Founded in 1992, Ecocity Builders is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reshaping cities for the long-term health of human and natural systems.
  The two sides agreed to decide on whether Changwon is to host the international ecocity conference in 2014 after Changwon Mayor Park Wan-su sends his formal letter to the office of the Ecocity Builders.
  In a mayoral panel at the Montreal Convention Center on Aug. 26, on behalf of Mayor Park, Jeong introduced the project on “Changwon, the Capital of the Environment” and delivered the city’s strong determination to make it the environmental capital of the world by 2020. He attracted much applause from some 400 participants from 70 countries after the briefing.
  He also promised to cooperate in exchange of environment policies and in international conferences between Changwon and Montreal in a separate meeting with Mayor Gerald Tremblay during a breakfast get-together the mayor hosted.
  During the breakfast meeting, he also agreed to share environmental policies with other mayors, such as Lord Mayor Markus Lewe of the German city of Munster and Ronan Dantec, vice mayor of French city of Nantes.

  Meanwhile, the city distributed some 600 PR booklets on the city and the environmental capital project at a booth it operated during the period. The city received business cards or emails from some 110 foreigners who hoped to learn more about Changwon.


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