City sets trend on ‘green’ transport

At ‘Eco Mobility & World Bike Festival, Changwon 2011’

  The city will hold “Eco Mobility & World Bike Festival, Changwon 2011” at CECO, Changwon Plaza and Pullman Hotel from Oct. 21-24 in a joint sponsorship with ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability.

  Officials from 40-odd local administrations from 24 countries and about 300 experts of eco-friendly transport from home and abroad will take part in the four-day event. It will be the combination of an international conference, in which participants present successful cases of eco-transport policy and discuss marketing and communication technology to change citizens’ awareness. The world bike festival will reinvigorate the use of bicycle as the most exemplary means of bio-mobility.   

   The conference will center round the three main themes of the “Public bike system,” “Innovation of eco-transport,” and “How to overcome pending problems.” Gil Penalosa, executive director of 8-80 Cities, will deliver a keynote address, followed by presentations on implementing eco-transport policies and their outcome by Prof. Carlo Ratti of MIT, Bernhard Ensink, director general of the European Cyclists’ Federation, Anker Boye, mayor of Odense, Denmark, and Masashi Mori, mayor of Toyama, Japan.


▲ Hundreds of cyclists leave Seoul Olympic Park to join a 1,260-km race toward the final destination of Changwon in the first Korean Bike Festival on April 25, 2009.

  Changwon, for its part, will present its advanced environmental policy, including the establishment of a green transport infrastructure through its public bike system “Nubija,” and examples of dealing with climate change. Particularly, the host city plans to launch “Eco Mobility Alliance” to exchange information and share experiences among advanced cities of eco-transport, and will play the role of chair city.

  The World Bike Festival will comprise three parts _ bike parade, citizen-participating events and performances. Citizens’ events include Challenge to Bicycle Golden Bell and Bike Maximum Speed, which will be followed by various performances, such as Extreme BMX in which top players, local and foreign, will show stunts, a bike fashion show and a bike circus. Separately, the organizers will hold exhibitions on eco-transport at Changwon Plaza, composed of four areas, such as information exchange among businesses and PR activities for citizens. 

  Particularly, the World Bike Festival will feature some unprecedented events, such as “Smart Riding,” which will require bike club members and ordinary citizens to carry out missions using smartphones, for the first time in Korea. There will also be a bike race in the city center between Changwon Plaza and Dongnam Industrial Park with the participation of local and foreign cyclists.  

  “By hosting the Eco Mobility & World Bike Festival, Changwon plans to expand opportunities to share and develop comprehensive and sustainable eco-transport ideas for the future, including the city’s public bike system,” said a city official. “Based on this, we will seek directions in which this environment capital city can move and become a global masterpiece city.”


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