Makgeolli made in Changwon exported to Guam

  Makgeolli or traditional Korean brewed alcoholic beverage from Buk-myeon, Changwon, is attracting foreigners as it has been exported to the world-renowned resort island of Guam.

  The Cheonjusan rice makgeolli has been sold on the resort island since mid-July. It has been produced at Mugok Brewery in Buk-myeon. The first shipment was made on July 8.

  The brewery has forecast that it will export at least 7.2 billion won worth of makgolli during the next three years, selling 250,000 bottles a month.

  The deal was arranged by Koh Seok-woo, chief of Guam chapter of the World-OKTA (Overseas Korean Traders Association) to a local buyer in the 2011 World-OKTA trade session at the Changwon Exhibition Convention Center (CECO) in April.

   A Korean-American in Georgia, the U.S., has been learning the brewing tech at the Mugok Brewery, after confirming the alcoholic beverage’s quality. “Makgeolli is beloved by American women as well as Korean-Americans in the U.S. As a result, I have come here to learn the technology to brew makgeolli.”

  “No makgeolli beats the product in Muk-myeon in the world market. We are planning to spend money in expanding facilities here to enhance the quality and to form better infrastructure,” said Koh.

  “The export of makgeolli in Buk-myeon is a good example showing how the MIEC industry has affected marketing of regional businesses,” a city official said. MICE represents meetings, incentive travel, convention and exhibition.


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