Summer at lotus pond in Junam Wetlands in Changwon

  A family of spot-billed ducks is going on an outing. Seven ducklings are enjoying the outing, following their mother at dusk to avoid the sizzling heat of summer. Two water deer run along a ridge between paddies at full speed as if competing in a 100-meter dash. Water lilies boast their graceful pink flowers with yellow stamens and pistils on the pond’s surface at dawn. Floating hearts sprouting out on the water cover the pond with yellow flowers.
  This is the depiction of a newly created lotus pond by the observatory at Junam Wetlands in Dong-eup, Uichang-gu, Changwon.
  The lotus pond was expanded to 16,000 square meters from 9,105 square meters, and is home to many species of aquatic plants and insects.
  Among its aquatic plants are prickly water lilies — a level-II endangered species — water lily, yellow floating hearts and duckweed. Aquatic insects such as water striders, dragonflies, soft-shelled turtles and wolf spiders can be found, and lined grass lizards and leopard frogs also inhabit the large habitat.
  There are also diverse species of butterfly, such as the tiger swallowtail, the dragon swallowtail, the cabbage butterfly and the four-footed butterfly.
  As the ecology becomes healthier, birds such as little egrets, large egrets, grey herons, kingfishers and great reed warblers have nestled in the Junam Wetlands. Wildcats, another endangered species, have often appeared. Living creatures, which had been displaced from their natural habitat by human beings, are returning to the wetlands.

  A large number of photographers and tourists visit the Junam Wetlands to take pictures of splendors of the blanket of yellow flowers in the lotus pond.
  Junam Wetlands is the most renowned habitat for migratory birds in Korea, but few tourists visit from March when the winter migratory birds fly to their original habitats. In its efforts to attract more visitors, Changwon City has developed the lotus pond and a path of cotton, and has held a photo exhibition featuring beautiful Junam scenery.
  Following the pond’s development, a thriving wetland ecology has been created. As a result, the lotus pond has become a new ecology learning center in Changwon.
  “A large number of citizens visit the lotus pond on weekends, taking pictures with their family members,” said a city official. “Citizens and tourists will be able to enjoy more at Junam Wetlands in the winter as the city plans to extend trails around the wetlands.”


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