Changwon aims to be city of light

“Works by world-renowned illumination designers

will be on display”


  Changwon has announced plans to become a city of light. A total of 600 million won has been set aside for the city’s illumination project in areas near City Hall.
  Combining illumination with art and design, the project is to show artistic aspects of illumination, in addition to functional ones. Under the plan designed to develop technology in urban illumination, works by world-renowned designers will be on display. The artists will use high-tech digital technology in making their works.

  The exhibits by Korean and foreign designers will include works by Swiss designer Felicie D’estienne D’corves and Spanish media artist Lional Koriakine, organizers say. Also included are “A Garden of Light” and “A Trail.”

  Changwon introduced technology generating “hybrid” renewable energy sources with the use of the solar light. It will enable citizens to have access to works of light easily every day.

  A self-powered (80w) bicycle- generator will be installed in the street of artistic illumination. If people pedal on the bicycle, the generator will produce electricity that will provide power to works on display. The installation of the generator is part of efforts to raise awareness on energy saving among citizens. 

  Changwon seeks to be reborn as a world-class city through the “policy on lighting.” It is designed to not only enhance Changwon’s cultural value and artistic status but also create new urban landscape, thus helping it become an advanced “design” city.

  The city will introduce the project, entitled “Sustainable Urban Light,” at the LUCI’s Annual General Meeting in November as part of marketing activities, and seek to increase exchanges with cities around the world.


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