Changwon kicks off overseas PR activities for 2012 IAEC Int’l Congress

“5-member delegation visits member cities

in France, Italy and Spain”


  Ahead of the 12th International Congress of the International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) scheduled for April 25-29, 2012, in Changwon, the city has launched full-fledged public relations activities abroad.
  A five-member delegation, led by Professor Kang Jung-woon of Changwon National University, visited France, Italy and Spain from June 30-July 7 for PR activities.
  During their stay in France, the delegates visited Paris City Hall and delivered Changwon Mayor Park Wan-su’s personal letter to the mayor. They explained preparations the host city has been making in anticipation of the IAEC International Congress.
  The delegates also met officials from Lyon, chair of the IAEC’s French network, and discussed ways to expand exchanges between the two sides. The delegates asked more member cities in France to participate in the Changwon IAEC International Congress.

  In Pessac, the delegates attended a regional meeting of the IAEC’s French network. They established a PR booth, delivered a presentation for delegates from 81 member cities across France and distributed brochures on the Congress.
  In his speech at the French network meeting, Professor Kang said Changwon, which serves as an executive committee member city of the IAEC, has taken on the role of a leader in the Asia Pacific network of educating cities.
  He expressed hope that participants in the Changwon IAEC International Congress will discuss and share ways to support healthy urban and educational conditions.
  The PR booth attracted a large number of visitors who watched films on the Changwon IAEC International Congress and participated in a question-and-answer session.
  The Sud Ouest, a leading newspaper in southwestern France, reported preparations the host city has been making for the conference, as well as PR activities conducted by the delegates.
  A Changwon City official said that last December, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance’s screening committee in international events approved Changwon’s plan to host the 2012 IAEC conference, thus laying the foundation for the city to receive subsidies for the international gathering.
  In April, the city created a preparatory committee for the Changwon IAEC conference in 2012, which comprises about 120 figures, including local administrative chiefs, experts and professors. For any inquiries about the congress, please contact Ms. Jiyoung Hwang at


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